Zara and Petula founded Oxbridge Science Tuition in 2018, joining forces to ensure an exceptionally high standard of tuition. Between them they have over 20 years of private tuition experience and excellent track records teaching all ages from 8+ to university level. They are committed to helping all children and young adults excel academically by combining academic rigour with a strong study skills and mentoring component as part of their teaching. This enables their students to develop the confidence to tackle subjects independently, to flourish academically in school and in higher education, but also to grow as creative thinkers more generally.

Both Zara and Petula were educated at Cambridge University where they studied Natural Sciences before moving to Imperial College London to study Graduate Medicine. 

Both tutors have had an enhanced DBS check.

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A love of sciences and genuine enthusiasm for sharing knowledge permeates Petula’s teaching. She has worked as a tutor for almost a decade, in both the UK and abroad, with students from age 8 to undergraduate level. Her experience enables her to understand the different learning styles of her students, equipping her with the knowledge and skills to tailor lessons to maximise student attainment. In addition, Petula  has also worked with students with complex educational needs.

Petula’s aim is to not only foster a broader appreciation and love for her subjects in her students, but also to deepen knowledge and subject specific skills whilst at the same time developing exam technique; in so doing Petula focuses upon building confidence and honing revision skills. Her wealth of experience also includes university application support as well as interview practice for Oxbridge and for medical school applications.

After gaining a Bachelor's, followed by a Master's degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, Petula worked in the city before working for the UN in Vienna on HIV prevention. After deciding public health was not ‘hands on’ enough, she has embarked upon a graduate medical degree at Imperial College with dreams of becoming a hospital consultant in the (hopefully) not too distant future!

Petula excelled academically in school and in higher education, gaining 10+ A*s at GCSE, 5 As at AS Level, 4 A*/A at A Level, a Master's from Cambridge and as holder of the Sir George Pinker Scholarship at Imperial College (jointly with Zara).

In her free time, Petula explores galleries across London, loves attending live music events and balances boxing classes with yoga.

'I cannot thank Zara enough for all the support and insightful advice that she has given me for the whole duration of Oxbridge application. Her passionate explanations in biology enabled me to grasp difficult concepts quickly, and her systematic approaches and ability to conceptualise challenges, as well as her extensive knowledge of biology and chemistry, has prepared me so well and boosted my confidence for Oxford biology interviews. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed every lesson provided, both online and face-to-face.'

Lina, successful Oxford applicant



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Oxbridge Science Tuition offer online Science tuition from 8+ onwards. All tuition will start with an assessment which will enable us to carefully plan a programme of tuition for your child.

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Oxbridge Science Tuition offer online Maths tuition from 8+ onwards. All tuition will start with an assessment which will enable us to carefully plan a programme of tuition for your child.

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Oxbridge Science Tuition also offer bespoke academic assessments. These are carried out at the start of every tuition programme to enable the programme to be fully tailored to the student's needs but can also be requested on an ad hoc basis.



Queries or tutoring requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d be delighted to help you.


For all enquiries please email info@oxbridgesciencetuition.com

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